4 awesome tropical patios of MainStrasse Village

Something I’ve recently noticed on my walks are the surprisingly tropical patio environments some of my neighbors have created. They’ve taken their tiny urban patios and turned them into a scene that would fit right into Key West, Charleston or even Maui. Needless to say, this is a breath of fresh air in what can otherwise feel like a concrete jungle, especially in the July heat.

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Gotta keep on movin’

It’s that time again. Closets are emptied. Boxes are piled high. There’s a growing stack of books to donate, sell or give to friends. Yes, I’m moving, marking the 16th time I’ve been through this song and dance. You could say I’m a moving addict. I prefer expert. Many of my  moves have been part […]

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Culinary daydreams and farmers markets

One of my dreams about moving back to Cincinnati was having more time to cook. With time saved on everything from my daily commute to overly-difficult-in-NYC chores like laundry and grocery shopping, I’d make outrageously lengthy trips to farmers markets, inspecting locally grown herbs and organically raised meats. I’d breezily chat with the vendors about this […]

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