Gotta keep on movin’

It’s that time again. Closets are emptied. Boxes are piled high. There’s a growing stack of books to donate, sell or give to friends.

Yes, I’m moving, marking the 16th time I’ve been through this song and dance. You could say I’m a moving addict. I prefer expert.

Many of my  moves have been part of bigger life changes: going away to college, moving to a new city, coming back home. This fall’s move promises to be the best one yet because it’s about much more than a change of location or better subway stop or more space (though, let me tell you, it is so much more space). It’s to be with someone special. 

As I spent my day packing today, I reminisced on the many times I have done it before:

The Oberlin years
1999: To Oberlin for my first dorm room (a quad in North)
2000: Back to Oberlin, upgraded to a single room in Spanish House
2001, fall: Off-campus housing on Lorain Street
2002, spring: Aberdeen, Scotland (study abroad!)
2002, fall: Off-campus housing on Main Street

The Cincinnati years
2003: My first-ever grown-up apartment in Cincinnati (Clifton Heights) with my amazing French roommates, Swann and Maite. (One of the best features of the apartment: an unused staircase next to my bedroom, which I used for displaying my shoe collection.)
2004: Moved down the street a few houses to live with my cousin/BFF Pam. What I lost in shoe storage I gained in French doors and a beautiful porch swing (and of course a great roommate. Hi, Pam!)
2005: Pam and I moved in with our friend Melissa to rent out a house on an adorable street a few blocks away
2006: Needing a break from the urban core, I moved into a one-bedroom in leafy, chic East Hyde Park
2007: Wanting to save for a possible move to NYC (see next section!), I moved in with my parents for a few months and then to Newport, where I rented the second floor of a beautifully restored house

Relaxing in McCarren Park, near my Greenpoint apartment
Relaxing in McCarren Park, near my Greenpoint apartment

The NYC years
2008: First NYC apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Railroad-style, two roommates. This apartment won huge points for being steps from the subway and for having a gigantic courtyard out back
2009: North to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with a friend I met in bookclub (who is now one of my best friends. Hi, Jordana!)
May 2011: Seeking more green space, I moved south to Park Slope, Brooklyn, for my first and only solo NYC apartment. Moved in on my birthday (but that did not stop me from celebrating with friends that night at one of my favorite NYC restaurants, Frankies.)
June 2012: Sent most of my belongings to KY for storage and moved in with  Pam, her husband J and their two cats (Hi, Shia and Roscoe!) for three months until my September move back to Cincinnati. (We called this my “gypsy summer”)

Fall on my street in Park Slope
Fall on my street in Park Slope

The Cincinnati years, part 2 
Fall 2012: Moved to my current beautiful and quaint one-bedroom apartment in Covington’s Licking Riverside Historic District
Next week: Moving a few blocks to another beautiful historic district in Covington 

One thing you can say about me is that I do not settle for stagnant spaces. Also that I know my way around some bubble wrap.

Fall in Covington
Fall in Covington

5 thoughts on “Gotta keep on movin’

  1. wow, i forgot that we lived together 3 times! Well, I’m sure there will be another time when we golden-girl it up. Plus, I’m excited for “my” bedroom in your new place…;)


    1. Lots of funny memories from our first apartments (the chimney situation, the tiny kitchen, the upstairs dog, the landlord)… but we did have some amazing parties, which we will of course continue in our golden girl years.


  2. Kari.

    I expected to read more about your special someone and I got to the end and wha? Where?

    Haha. I’m so happy and excited for you. Best of luck on the move! And hope you’ve been well. x


    1. I guess not. I was just saying how I was looking forward to reading about your special someone, and then I got to the end and, nothing!

      Haha. Well I’m happy and excited for you Kari. Best of luck and well wishes! x


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