Building my balcony garden

Finally, spring is here! One of the 9 million reasons this makes me happy is that I can finally get out and use my balcony. This weekend, I made my first foray into gardening. It went pretty well. I got dirty, it rained a little, I realized I bought way too many flowers and not nearly enough soil or containers….and then when I proudly told my Mom about it all she told me I was probably a little early in the season (by 2-4 weeks). But hey, it was a first step in the right direction.

Here’s some visual evidence of my gardening prowess/learning curve, depending on how you look at it:

Below: This is just half of my gardening store purchase. As you can see, I bought about 6 gazillion petunias. Everyone loves petunias!


More petunias, this time for an old planter that was just waiting to be livened up.


Petunias and dianthus in my planter boxes.


I’m most excited about growing food. Here I’ve got swisss chard, tomato and rosemary. I also bought seeds for basil, parsley and oregano.


My window box! (Petunias, of course.)


In addition to filling out the rest of my balcony plantings, I’m also working on this sunny little corner of my kitchen. It’s an odd space for any useful furniture, but it’s perfect for plants. Until I get it organized, these plants are just happy to be hanging out in the sun and enjoying the view of the Licking River, of course. (Note the slightly droopy lily and sad orchid below it. I have high hopes these plants will make a full recovery soon.)



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