Life is good in the Florida Keys

It’s our last full day in the Florida Keys and we’ve returned to one of our favorite spots, Bahia Honda State Park. It not only has one of the most beautiful, natural beaches I’ve ever seen (think of it as a more tropical Cape Cod), but it’s blissfully uncrowded and teeming with wildlife. We saw ghost crabs scuttling in the shallow water, an iguana, conch, a bigger red crab (scientific names only here, people) and again a million birds I don’t remember but definitely lots of giant pelicans.

Here are some photos to illustrate this park’s beauty. (By the way, we scoped out the booked-months-in-advance tent sites and must return to camp here. Mangrove-shaded, private spots with a wide open view of the ocean and just steps from the beach. Just sayin’!)

Below: A view of the Atlantic from Sandspur Beach. 20130315-183227.jpg

An iguana sunning itself/hiding from me.

A conch – look at that crazy eye!



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