Dispatch from the road, Everglades edition

Night four of our expedition through Florida, and we’re spending some time at Everglades National Park. We arrived around 3 pm and just on the drive in and initial exploration of our camping area, we’ve seen an alligator, two crocodiles and a million birds (more on that in another post because I’ll have to get Brandon to remind me of which birds we saw, and he’s currently fishing for tonight’s dinner).

Let me just say, two crocodiles?! Every guidebook I read had prepared me to leave the park without seeing any of these “elusive” and “secretive” creatures. But let me tell you, they are feeling quite outgoing this week! (By “outgoing” I mean sitting next to the water, hiding and not moving at all but letting us glimpse them as they sun themselves.)

With that brief update, I leave you with some photos of our first afternoon in the Everglades.

Below: View of one of the ponds we stopped by on our 38-mile drive in from the park entrance to Flamingo.

Same pond, we saw an alligator!
Pre-dinner relaxation (though I’m clearly blogging from my iPhone instead of reading, although I am happy I’m finally reading that book!

View of our campground, Flamingo.

The crocodile!


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