Culinary daydreams and farmers markets

One of my dreams about moving back to Cincinnati was having more time to cook. With time saved on everything from my daily commute to overly-difficult-in-NYC chores like laundry and grocery shopping, I’d make outrageously lengthy trips to farmers markets, inspecting locally grown herbs and organically raised meats. I’d breezily chat with the vendors about this and that and take home what looked best that day: what herbs sang to me? which peppers were the brightest, and which apples the shiniest?

Stocked with the season’s best offerings, I’d throw together old favorite dishes and try out more complicated techniques. An array of kitchen gadgets would be put to use, and later thoughtfully stored in abundant cabinet space. Friends would casually stop by for weeknight dinners, lingering over wine and conversation even if they lived across town, because across town is a 10-minute drive, so what’s the big rush?

 I’d have time for these things, you see, because life is easier in Cincinnati.

I’ve been back in town for one week, so my vision has not been fully realized. But I did make a tiny step in the right direction last week, when I visited Findlay Market for the first time since I last lived here four years ago. I was there for the annual Eat Local for the Globe event, which raised funds for the market – Ohio’s oldest. The market, nestled in historic Over-the-Rhine,  was brimming with an energy I’ve felt all over the neighborhood, from the new (to me) restaurants on Vine Street to the happenings at the restored Washington Park.

I even wrote a story about the event for The Daily Meal, a food-focused site that covers global food trends, destinations and news.

Now, if I can just carve out some time to cook.


2 thoughts on “Culinary daydreams and farmers markets

  1. Hey, girl! It will get better real quick. Since moving to Arkansas I have so much more space and a real kitchen. I’m able to lay out the book or computer and really work out a full-on recipe. It’s so great. I’m also paralyzed by the choices in the expansive grocery stores. xo


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