All hail spring…and people watching.

If it’s above 60 degrees and sunny and I have more than 10 minutes to sneak out for lunch, you can bet I’m in Madison Square Park. Sometimes I’ll meander through, snapping photos of the changing trees, or I’ll stretch out in the grass and read. Whatever I’m doing, I’m likely doing it halfheartedly and instead focusing on the single best use of time in all New York City public spaces: people watching.

There’s the adorable, elderly couple strolling hand in hand quietly.  The woman with the timid teacup poodle yelling at the man with the gregarious Saint Bernard. The personal-training power couple, both head-to-toe in spandex, leaning on the railing as they stroke and nuzzle and smile and gaze through their lunch break, infusing the park with the general air of a mid-90s Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy. The high school kids on spring break, enjoying brief interludes from gaming on their laptops to flirt and tease.

This is just one snapshot. Next time, I’ll take photos of the real attractions.


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